Course Description

Host of The Brutal Truth Podcast

Brian Burns

After spending 20 plus years selling enterprise software I now work with sales leadership teams to help create and dominate their market segments. My approach is based on an exhaustive study of hundreds of eight, seven and six-figure deals across several industries and geographies. What I have discovered is that the majority of salespeople are "Selling Backwards". Selling Backwards means that the focus is on the outside of the prospect looking in. Instead of obsessing on messaging, positioning, presentations, demonstrations, and closing... what is really effective is matching the selling process with the prospect's decision process. What we have found is that the salespeople who still embrace the old-school dogma of relying on relationships, one-on-one selling skills and aggressively pushing their prospects are as obsolete as palm pilots. What I teach is what is going on inside the prospect's organization and how they make product selections. I then show salespeople how to guide/control the decision and how to keep the selection moving and in your favor.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is the Job?

    • Office Hours - READ THIS FIRST - Please add to your schedule and they will be added to course at the every end.

    • What is the Job and How do I become great at it?

    • BDR Job Description

    • SDR Job Description

    • Salary Range

    • How to use the course

    • What should I do before trying to get a job?

  • 2

    Become the ideal candidate

    • Build a Professional Image

    • Habits

  • 3

    Inbound Live

    • How to best handle Live Inbound

    • The Text Steps

  • 4

    Inbound Contact

    • Researching

    • Check List sample

  • 5


    • What is best?

  • 6

    Prioritizing on a proven method

    • Definitions

    • Finding

    • Connecting

  • 7

    How to do detailed research

    • Introductions

    • Lists

    • Contacts

    • Clean

    • Phone

  • 8

    CRM's and other tools

    • Simplest

    • Automated

    • Enterpise

  • 9

    Starting a Cold Coversation

    • Stages

    • Conversation Starters

    • Match

    • Building

    • The secret

    • Why?

    • The Magic

  • 10

    Creating your own system

    • Science

  • 11

    Monitor your territory for trigger events and topics

    • Monitoring

  • 12

    Crush The Interview and Get The Offer

    • The overview of the interviewing process

    • What are Sales Managers Looking for?

    • How to make sure your online Brand is prepared and professional

    • What a hiring manager is looking for in a perfect resume

    • Preparing for the Phone Interview

    • How a Sales Job Phone interview works

    • How to have the perfect Sales Job Phone Inteview

    • The in person Face to Face interview

    • References and what the hiring manager is expecting

    • How to handle getting the Job Offer

    • Student Resume Review BH

  • 13

    Brief overviews of great books to read

    • SPIN Sell

    • How to win Friends and Influence People

    • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

    • Start with Why

    • The art of war

    • How to Build Self-Esteen

    • How to be more productive

    • The go giver

  • 14

    Office Hours

    • Office Hours 5-11-18 Personal Brand

    • Top 10 Mistakes SDRs make in their first year

    • Office Hours 06-29-2018 Success Stories

    • Q and A on Getting Enagement

    • Office Hours 07-13-18 Building interest

    • Office Hour 09-21-18

    • Office Hours 10-05-18

    • Office Hours 10-19-18 Pain

    • Office Hours 11-02-18

    • Office Hours 11-09-18 m2m dmc

    • Office Hours 11-16-18 automating lists

    • Office Hours - Questions course and Selling to Marketing and IT

    • Office hour 01-04-29

    • Office Hours 02-1-19

    • Activity review and coaching

    • Personalize, next step and manage your manager

    • Office Hours 03-01-19 Pricing and Getting into Dissatisfied account

    • 03-15-19 Using content, questions, calendar and no internet presents

    • Office Hours - contact info and intell

    • Office Hours - contact info and intell

  • 15


    • Process Review and successes.

    • Break the ICE

    • How to get a referral

    • How to prevent overload

    • Cold Calling and how to prioritize.

    • Prioritize inbound and outbound

    • How prioritize your A's

    • Career Strategy and what is the best type of company for you

    • B2C vs. B2B jobs and questions

Pricing options

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